Braided "Skinnie" 4-5"
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Thin Braided Skinnie...4-5" length...thinner than the regular 5-6" Medium Braided

Great for Small Dogs or Medium size dogs that are soft chewers or have missing teeth.

Medium lasting chew.  Comes in these great basted flavors...

Peanut Butter, Beef, Vanilla, Chicken, Plain (no flavor)

Great for teething Puppies to chew on - ( Do not let puppies under 1 year old consume alot of rawhide or any type of chewable item such as bully sticks/pizzle, pig ears, etc... their digestive systems are not fully developed enough to digest large amounts of that type of product...use in moderation and take away after 10-15 mins or so and put away to reharden for the next day)

Braided "Skinnie" 4-5"

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